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As the residents transition to trade schools and adult life their needs continue.  The teens that receive an orphan stipend are the lucky ones.  With the guidance of the staff at the center they will be able to secure housing and hope for the stability they lacked in their younger life.  However, depending on the age of arrival at the center many either do not receive a stipend at all or do not have enough time to save.  We will match you with a teen based on what financial support you would like to provide.  For example, some may need as little as a few last pieces of furniture for their apartment. Yet others may need to finish off kitchen remodeling.  Let us know and we will be happy to assist you in making the perfect match.


Maxim is a former resident of the center. After completing high school he served his country in the army. He is now married to a wonderful wife, Julia, and they have two beautiful children. He works as an expediter for a local company and is training with Sasha as a pastor at church. This past year a US based church raised funds to purchase Maxim and Julia their first house. Up until now they were living with Julia’s family. They are slowly doing some remodeling projects such as the bathroom to get it ready for move in. If you would like to contribute to helping this very worthy family in furnishing their new home please contact us.

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